"German Weeks" in a postage stamp

Prishtina, 2 October 2009

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of cooperation and partnership with the German state, the cultural event of "German Weeks" will be organized throughout Kosovo from 23.09.2009 to 17.10.2009.

On this occasion, Post of Kosovo Philately, PTK JSC, has launched a postage stamp to mark the support of such traditional partnership. This stamp was launched at a gala evening wherein the German Ambassador Hans-Dieter Steinbach, Chief Executive Officer of the PTK JSC Prof. Dr. Shyqyri Haxha and many important personalities of political, economic and cultural life in Kosovo were present.

"The release of ‘German Weeks’ postage stamp makes this night more spectacular, whereas we express thanks to the PTK on the release of this stamp and the great support that was given to us for organizing the ‘German Weeks’ event in general. The commitment of the current management to the good work is clearly seen, while we as the embassy do pass on good wishes that successes continue in the future ", said German Ambassador Hans-Dieter Steinbach.

On the other hand, Chief Executive Officer of PTK, said to the participants at the promotion of the ‘German Weeks’ postage stamp, that PTK is proud to have given its part for this event.

"This postage stamp, which was promoted today, clearly shows the Albanian-German friendship and the appreciation to the German people for the assistance they have provided to us in the most difficult times through which we passed as a nation", said Dr. Haxha after the launch of this postage stamp.
This postage stamp will continue spreading the message of cooperation and partnership between Germany and Kosovo around the world, since the first day of its launch on 03.10.2009, the day when the extraordinary edition of postage stamp titled "German Weeks" is put into circulation.