PTK modernizes postal services

Prishtina,  6th June, 2010

The existing PTK management has taken concrete steps over the modernization of Post of Kosovo and increasing the efficiency in postal deliveries within the Kosovo. The current investments and those expected in the future, prove a clear commitment and vision of the current management, which has set as a priority to further develop its Business Unit, Post of Kosovo.

Chief Executive Officer of PTK, Dr. Shyqyri Haxha has disclosed that so far was invested 300 thousand Euros for the purchase of 16 vans of various capacities that will further speed up the mail delivery across the country.

“As the Government has decided to privatize Telecom and VALA, the Unit of Post, as a special unit will remain state owned, so we’re doing our best to increase the standard of Post, so that in future this state owned Unit to be more profitable”, said Dr. Haxha, adding that the primary goal remains that within a short time, Post of Kosovo will be the most profitable company.
According to him, PTK has invested in providing motorcycles with helmets, in total 200 of them in the value of 300 thousand Euros, while, as its known, the Unit of Post has available a number of bicycles, given as a donation from the Albanian Post.

"All this investment and these modern vehicles that we already have, will affect in the rapidity and security of mail delivery services", stated Dr. Shyqyri Haxha on the occasion of the submission of keys for new cars and motorcycles for employees of Post of Kosovo.
There are also two very important projects related to modernization of Post of Kosovo, such as the automation project, which will cost 1.4 million euro, where is considered the advancement of the new postal services, because all PTK offices throughout the territory of Kosovo will be modernized.

Another project of the same importance is obviously that of Hybrid Post, which is expected to obtain the support from the Government of Kosovo, and its estimated value is around 2.4 million Euros. This project will further develop the print service, processing, envelopes, and mail delivery with an extremely fast and safe capacity, particularly for big customers.

These two projects will raise the standard of Post of Kosovo, faster mail delivery, exchange
of deliveries across borders, which would transfer Post of Kosovo into a successful profitable company.