Kosovo and Slovenia postal companies sign an agreement

Pristina, 7 August, 2013 - Kosovo Post has signed a collaboration agreement with Slovenia Post for closer cooperation between the two postal operators.

Slovenia Post’s general director Boris Novak and the CEO of Kosovo Post, Sejdi Hoxha signed the agreement on 7 August in Pristina.

Slovenian Post director general Boris Novak  said that his company was confident it was gaining a trusted and reliable business partner in Kosovo Post, with whom the company could achieve long-term synergy benefits.

“Kosovo Post is seen as a stable company that wants to provide customers with quality and efficient services. We are glad it is not afraid of progress, but accepts it as a challenge, and thus paving the way for their own development,” said Novak.

Mr. Hoxha said that Kosovo Post is determined that all of its services reach the quality level of the European Union standards.

“We are happy we will be helped by the Post of Slovenia, which is one of the leading companies in Europe . I am confident that we will succeed in achieving our goals. Part of this success will no doubt be the Post of Slovenia”, Hoxha said in a joint press conference with his Slovenian counterpart .

Slovenian Post director general has also met with Kosovo Minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismaili.

A delegation of Kosovo Post has visited Post of Slovenia in February, 2013.