Europe Day depicted on postage stamp

Prishtina, 6 May 2011

On the occasion of Europe Day, May 9, Post of Kosova Philately of PTK JSC launches the regular edition of postage stamps titled “Europe 2011 – Forests”.

The theme selected by the European Postal Union, promotes the beauty of areas covered by forests in European countries.

Republic of Kosovo has around 42% of its territory covered by rich flora, wherein its greater part is forests, among which the most known are the Forests of Sharr, Gjeravica, Bjeshket e Nemuna, Gollak, Pashtrik, Koritnik etc.

These areas represent special botanical, fauna, ecological, tourist, recreational, sports, educational and cultural values of the Republic of Kosovo.

This edition, among others, represents another contribution of PTK JSC to promoting the natural beauty of the state of Kosovo.

Postage stamp collectors can be supplied with postage stamps and philatelic blocks of this edition as of 9 May 2011, throughout all postal offices of PTK JSC.