Kosova Caves on postage stamp

Prishtina, 15 November 2011
Post of Kosova Philately has launched the new edition of postage stamps titled “Kosova Caves”. With an attractive mountainous relief, wherein many pearls of nature are hidden, Kosova is certainly one of the most interesting countries in the region to be explored and visited by many tourists.Post of Kosova Philately does through these postage stamps depict one of the pearls of Kosova, the Cave of the Grand Canyon in Peja. Grand Canyon in Peja is located above the underground river in the heel of a sudden and giant rock that is 350 m high.

It was discovered earlier by the locals, but successive explorations never exhausted, because the cave has clear and high corridors, with underground canyons, and the flow of underground river of some dark and high stacks, which enable speleologists to further carry out stunning discoveries to the lake inside the cave that really makes it one of the most stunning caves in our country.

Hoping that explorations of this cave will surprise us with its beauty in the future, Kosova Philately offers two wonderful images depicted in the edition of postage stamps “Kosova Caves”, which shall be available throughout post offices of PTK as of today. This new edition of stamps contains two postage stamps at nominal values of €0.70 and €1, and a First Day Cover.